SHE WILL ROCK YOU!™ starring Stephanie Hodgdon salutes rock royalty like Queen, Pat Benatar, Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, and Heart in a high-energy and dynamic concert event! Utilizing her incredible vocal technique and multi-octave range, Stephanie thrills audiences with a great mix of 50s-to-70s rock mainstays, 80s hair-band hits, and modern-day favorites - perfect to satisfy rock fans of all ages. For audiences that enjoy a softer touch and stronger focus on the classics, SHE WILL ROCK YOU!™ can present a customized "silver set" with music from early rock-n-roll through the mid-70s. The unmatched vocals, high-octane stage presence, and fusion of musical styles in SHE WILL ROCK YOU!™ have brought audiences worldwide to their feet, with highlights including "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," “Black Velvet,” “Somebody to Love,” “Piece of My Heart,” “Johnny B. Goode,” "Barracuda," and of course… “We Will Rock You!”

Video Highlights

Tour Dates

Oct 27 – Nov 3 Regal Princess
Nov 9 – 13 Discovery Princess
Dec 1 – 24 Madame Scrooge at the Nocturne Theatre Glendale CA
Dec 29 – Jan 4 Coral Princess
Jan 19 – 26 Sky Princess
Jan 30 – Feb 4 Ruby Princess
Feb 8 – 15 Discovery Princess
Feb 20 – 24 Emerald Princess
Mar 1 – 7 Coral Princess
Apr 1 – 9 Grand Princess


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